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Adult Work Experience Program

Past work experience can make or break your chances when applying for desired employment.

What is it?
The Adult Work Experience Program (WEX) is a program that offers job seekers help to obtain skills that are needed to succeed in the workplace and establish work history that is critical when applying for jobs.  Through the WEX program, participants receive the opportunity to get paid while learning on-the-job, showcasing their abilities and giving them a better chance to be hired long term.


Who is it for?
Participant eligibility is as follows:

  • Individuals who have minimal or no prior experience in the workplace;
  • Individuals who have experienced difficulty in maintaining employment in the past due to barriers;
  • Individuals who are seeking long-term employment in a particular industry or occupation but does not have the requisite experience to qualify for entry-level employment within the field;
  • Individuals who have recently concluded or will soon conclude a training or educational program, including an Individual Training Account or job specific skills training.


What are some benefits of the WEX Program?

1. Gain valuable experience
2. Receive financial compensation
3. Explore a career path
4. Develop and refine skills
5. Network with professionals in the field

How do I get started?
Please contact your local AJCC or call (442)265-7579.