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Executive Committee

The committee provides program oversight, supports system alignment, and service integration. The committee also reviews monthly fiscal reports and manages the budget allocations for all workforce development activities and is authorized to take action on behalf of, and report back to, the WDB when time sensitive issues are at hand.

Meeting Date/Time: The committee meets the day before monthly scheduled ICWDB meetings at 12:00 p.m., or as when needed.

Robert Rubio
Robert Rubio, Chair
Imperial Priners

Josue Mercado
Josue Mercado, Vice Chair
Hutchinson and Bloodgood, LLP

Fernando Zavala
Fernando Zavala, Secretary
Spectrum Advertising

Timothy Kelley
Timothy Kelley, Immediate Past Chair
Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation

Susan Manger
Susan Manger, One Stop Policy Oversight Committee Chair
LVA/Brawley Library

Elvira Anaya
Elvira Anaya, Youth Committee Chair
Center for Employment Training