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Local Workforce Development Plan

Local Plan
Per Workforce Services Directive 16-07 Regional and Local Planning Guidance for PY2016-2017, the primary purpose of local workforce plans and partnerships is to facilitate access to workforce services at the local level.  Individuals will access and experience regional workforce architecture primarily through local service delivery efforts, prinipally those of WIOA partners operating in the America's Job Center of California system, but potentially through other parter agencies of the workforce system as well.

Imperial County Workforce Development Board Local Plan 2017-2020

Local Plan Modification
In accordance with Workforce Services Directive, 18-01 Regional and Local Plans PY 17-21 Two Year Modifications, local boards are required to submit a biennial update pursuant to the changes made to the State Plan by the California Workforce Development Board (State Board) in order to keep local plans consistent with the policy direction of the State Plan.

Imperial County Workforce Development Board Local Plan Two Year Modification