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Mission statement: 

“To provide job seekers and employers with the tools, resources, and services they need to achieve their employment and business goals.”


The Imperial County Workforce Development Board’s (ICWDB) vision emphasizes continuous skills attainment in growth industry sectors and seeks to incorporate education, training, and employment services to build a workforce that can meet labor demands.  The ICWDB plans to realize this vision by transforming Imperial County’s workforce system so that it not only serves the needs of workers for education, training, and stackable credentials that lead to well-paid, steady work, but also serves the needs of employers for business support services and a high-quality, skilled workforce.

The primary responsibility of the Imperial County Workforce Development Board (ICWDB) is to oversee and allocate funding towards training programs that strengthen local job seekers' skills so that they can meet the workforce needs of Imperial County.  Made up of leaders from local businesses, economic development agencies, educational institutions, community-based organizations, and labor organizations, the ICWDB serves as an advisory board to the Imperial County Board of Supervisors and uses its collective expertise to procure eligible training providers, provide business services, attract industry, update policy, and administer youth and young adult programs.  The ICWDB is also in charge of ensuring that the Local Workforce Development Plan is aligned with the State's strategic workforce goals, and works with local and regional partners to carry out the vision of a modern, skilled, and competitive labor force.