Workforce Development Plans

Local Plan

The primary purpose of the Local Workforce Development Plan is to demonstrate how the America's Job Center of California (AJCC) system will facilitate access to workforce services on the local level, according to the Workforce Services Directive 20-05 "Regional and Local Planning Guidance for PY 21-24."  The Local Plan must articulate how the local Workforce Development Board will coordinate with service providers in the community to establish a "person-centered service-delivery," while also ensuring that the training programs provided by the AJCCs are in alignment with local business needs and priorities. The current Local Plan for PY 2021-2024 is found at the link below.

Imperial County Local Workforce Development Plan 2021-2024

Local Plan Modification

In accordance with Workforce Services Directive 18-01 "Regional and Local Plans PY 17-21 Two Year Modifications," local boards are required to submit a biennial update to account for the “changes in labor market and economic conditions or in other factors affecting the implementation of the local plan” (29 U.S. Code § 3123).  Additionally, the biennial update must reflect the policy changes made to the State Plan by the California Workforce Development Board. 

The Imperial County Workforce Development Board Local Plan Two Year Modification for PY 2021-2024 will be available in 2023. 


Regional plans and partnerships required by WIOA under California's State Plan function as the primary mechanism for aligning educational and training provider services with regional industry sector needs in California's fourteen (14) WIOA Regional Planning Units.  The State requires coordination between the K-12, Community Colleges, and WIOA systems and requires the use of sector strategies as the operational framework for the state's workforce system.  

The four-year Regional Plan for Program Years 2021-2024, of the Southern Border Regional Planning Unit, consisting of San Diego and Imperial Counties, can be viewed HERE.